A time-shared computer system for diffractometer control

H.A. Alperin, E. Prince
1970 Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards Section C Engineering and Instrumentation  
A sys te m is desc rib e d for co ntrolling data acqu is iti on, and fo r on lin e dat a redu c ti o n , o n up to e ight ne utron and x-ray diffra ctometers. Th e sys te m u ses a medium -s ized co mput e r , wi th til(' individu a l in strum e nt s s haring tim e. Storage of prog ra m s, data , and th e inte rm ediat e res ult s of co mputati o ns on a rapid -access di sk ma kes rou ghl y 12K of th e 16K co re me mory ava il ab le to eac h use r in turn fo r co mputat io ns . All u se rs'
more » ... . All u se rs' prog ram s are writte n in FORTRAN. Eac h usc r ha in d e pe nd e nt access to th e co mpute r, throu g h hi s own se pa rate typewrite r, for input of co ntrol param e t e rs a nd o utput of sa mpl e rcs ult s. F in a l o utput data may be reco rd e d o n ma g ne ti c tape fo r pe rm a ne nt fi li ng or for process in g offl in e b y a large comp uter.
doi:10.6028/jres.074c.011 fatcat:bajcjvlxhvb27impast2lzuqc4