Molineus torulosus(Nematoda, Trichostrongylina, Molineoidea) a parasite of Neotropical primates: new morphological and histological data

M.-C. Durette-Desset, L.A. Fribourg Blanc, P.N. Vuong
2001 Parasite  
Molineus torulosus (Molin, 1861) parasite of Cebus spp. from South America is redescribed in Cebus apella and C. olivecaeus (new host) from French Guyana with emphasis on the synlophe. During the maturation process, the larvae dwelt in the cysts carved alongside the external part of the small intestine. The turn-out of the mature worms and the laid eggs depended on the tissular organisation of cyst walls as the inflammatory process waned and fibrosis progressed to seal the cystic lumen. Adult
more » ... stic lumen. Adult worms entwine themselves in the cysts, live there permanently as their presence has never been evidenced in the intestinal lumen. They copulated, laid eggs, degenerated and died once entrapped by the fibrotic process. Laid eggs released in the intestinal lumen through a narrow channel ensured the continuation of the developmental cycle. However, erratic migration was possible via the vascular channels surrounding the cysts.
doi:10.1051/parasite/2001081053 pmid:11304951 fatcat:7t37jjmcgzbxhjargdolaorsbe