The Ideas Of Adult Education In Russian And Ukrainian Herritage End Of XIX – Beginning Of XX Centuries

Liudmyla Tymchuk
2017 International Journal of Social and Educational Innovation  
Analyzed have been the ideas of adult education and its place in the pedagogical heritage at the end of XIX – beginning XX centuries. We studied on the basis of works of A. Schjapov, A. Pruhavin, V. Vahterov, P. Kazanzev , O. Hermonius, H. Falbork, S. Siripolko the main ideas and basic notions of "adults" education which were developed at the end of XIX – beginning XX centuries in the form of out-of-school education theory. We can state that at the end of XIX – beginning XX century in the form
more » ... entury in the form of out-of-school education theory there were established theoretical foundations of adult education. Fundamental ideas were formed and scientific problems and contradictions were emphasized. Search for optimal forms and methods of work were performed. Such scientists as E. Medynskyj, S. Siropolko, V.Charnaluskyj etc formed the main principles of out-of-school education. The analyze of theoretical views shows that fundamental ideas of scientists end of XIX – beginning XX century are not only contradictive to each other and to the main principles of pedagogic movement but also complete each other. Wide range of basic ideas of adult education was originally formulated in the works of V.Charnouskyj and later they were concretized in the works of S. Siropolko and developed in the theoretical views of E. Medynskyj. Now we can speak about important works dedicated to the theory and praxis of adult education of leading scientists of the beginning of XX century.
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