Inventions Made in Higher Education Institutions
Yükseköğretim Kurumlarında Gerçekleştirilen Buluşlar

2022 IBAD Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi  
With the Industrial Property Law, the higher education institution has been given the opportunity to claim rights on the inventions that emerged as a result of scientific research and studies in order to reveal the current invention potential in higher education institutions and bring them into the economy. The solution of entitlement in higher education institutions, which is one of the institutions with the highest invention potential, is important for the inventor and the higher education
more » ... titution. The country's economy and society benefit from the inclusion and commercialization of existing inventions in the patent process. The protection of the patent right brings with it economic growth within the country and prepares the ground for the production and transfer of technology. Determination of entitlement on inventions made in higher education institutions, application and notification obligation, objection to entitlement decision, transfer of right and sharing of income to be obtained from invention will be examined within the framework of Industrial Property Law and Regulation on Employee Inventions, Inventions Made in Higher Education Institutions and Inventions Emerged in Publicly Supported Projects.
doi:10.21733/ibad.1091074 fatcat:lexlkyqqwjg4bbgi6bidsglp2u