Generation of an HBIM Library regarding a Palace of the 19th Century in Lisbon

Alcínia Zita Sampaio, António Mendes Pinto, Augusto Martins Gomes, Alberto Sanchez-Lite
2021 Applied Sciences  
The growing interest within the construction industry in the preservation, rehabilitation, and conversion of heritage-value buildings has led to the implementation of Historic Building Information Modelling (HBIM) across all sectors. The rigorously accurate representation of old construction solutions for roofs, floors, and walls, and of the decorative details and finishes, commonly used in historic buildings of patrimonial value, requires specific geometric modelling processes in order to
more » ... ate relevant libraries of parametric objects. This study addresses the generation of parametric families of representative architectural geometry in the context of the conversion of a building of patrimonial value. A collection of historical information and a detailed inspection in situ, recorded by means of digital images and sketches with annotative dimensions of the architectural forms, were first carried out to support the accurate representation of the building. Several families of objects were generated, namely, guillotine windows, glazed doors, ornamental stonework, staircases, and handrails, thus creating a reference library for use in further similar building projects. The study improves the potential of the BIM process for its application to buildings with distinctive architecture in the context of the preservation or conversion of heritage buildings.
doi:10.3390/app11157020 fatcat:fmzm7zurvfdvhmormhishv6wne