Young Children's Perceptions about Classmates with Physical, Health, and Multiple Disabilities

2016 Korean Journal of Physical Multiple & Health Disabilities  
< Abstract > This study examined what typically developing preschoolers think about their peers with physical, health, and multiple disabilities in two inclusive public preschool classrooms in the United States. To assess children's identification of disabilities in their peers, each participating child was individually interviewed. Children's preference to play with peers with multiple disabilities were investigated using
more » ... Peer Ratings. Results showed that the majority of children were aware of disabilities or difficulties that their peers with multiple disabilities had. Mean sociometric scores that the target children with multiple disabilities received from his or her classmates were above the mean of their class sociometric scores. Suggestions for future research and implications for practices are discussed.  physical, health, and multiple disabilities, understanding and acceptance of disability, inclusive education
doi:10.20971/kcpmd.2016.59.2.125 fatcat:yyia3jgpprbrvgc66jypcqylza