Navaho Legends. Collected and translated by Washington Matthews, M. D., LL. D., Major U. S. army, ex-president of the American Folk-lore Society, etc

James Mooney
1897 American Anthropologist  
BOOK REVIEWS Nuvaho Legends. Colleded and transladed hj Wnshington Mauhens, M. D., LL. D., Major 8. army, ez-prm'dent of the American Folk-lore Soeieiy, etc. V'ith introdwtion, notes, illu(rltations, lezts, interlinear translutions and melodies. Bosfolr and New York, published for the American Folklore Society by Haghion, MDin & Company. 1897'. So. viii, $99 p p . This work by the distinguished Navaho specialist, forming volume V of the publications of the American Folk-lore Society, is
more » ... Society, is probably the best tribal study ever published. It consists of a descriptive and historical account of the tribe, followed by three legends, 65 pages of notes and texts, phonographic transcriptions of native melodies, bibliography, and index.
doi:10.1525/aa.1897.10.6.02a00030 fatcat:3lqdyyvdlvg3nc34zfapdff3tq