The use of gastric lavage in reducing COVID-19 fever: A narrative review [post]

Komal Abdul Rahim
2020 unpublished
COVID-19 has come as an emerging disease which poses new challenge on us every single day. Fever being the most common symptom of this disease is sometimes very hard to manage. For these kind of patients, we need to think of modalities other than the pharmacological management. Gastric lavage is one the intervention which passed through by the author's clinical area.Method: The aim of this study is to identify the use of gastric lavage in lowering core temperature in COVID and non-COVID
more » ... . A narrative review design is used for this study.Result: There are collectively three studies in total which suggest the use of gastric lavage in hyperthermic patients. One of these articles is not peer reviewed.Conclusion: There is no absolute association between gastric lavage and hyperthermic patients. There is a dire need of more researches to confirm the effectiveness of this therapy in hyperthermic patients.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:w2tk4blj7jcwxorlzasia3hvra