Automatic Quantum Error Correction

Jeff P. Barnes, Warren S. Warren
2000 Physical Review Letters  
Criteria are given by which dissipative evolution can transfer populations and coherences between quantum subspaces, without a loss of coherence. This results in a form of quantum error correction that is implemented by the joint evolution of a system and a cold bath. It requires no external intervention and, in principal, no ancilla. An example of a system that protects a qubit against spin-flip errors is proposed. It consists of three spin 1/2 magnetic particles and three modes of a
more » ... The qubit is the triple quantum coherence of the spins, and the photons act as ancilla.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.85.856 pmid:10991416 fatcat:uvkgvjx23bbgpbpol7sy4lu4iy