Observation of structural, spectral characterizations and correlation of physical parameters on VO2+ ions doped Cadmium Lithium Sodium Borate glasses

M Avinash, S J Basha, V Khidhirbrahmendra, A V Chandrasekha, R V S S N Ravikumar
A series of quinary 0.1 mol% VO2+ doped Cadmium Lithium Sodium Borate (CLNB) glass system with varying alkali (Li2O/Na2O) content were prepared by the classical melt quenching technique. The current research was carried out to observe the physical, structural and spectral parameters alter with the variation of alkali content in nonlinear manner. Physical properties such as the oxide ion polarizability ), optical basicity of prepared glass (th), Yamashita and Kuroswa's interaction parameter )
more » ... the third order nonlinear optical polarizability (c(3)) are calculated by compared with altering the alkali mol% and also correlate them with each other. Physical parameters are varying in non-regular pattern and were substantiated to presence of the mixed alkali effect in glass system. No sharp peaks were exhibited in XRD pattern and suggest that the prepared VO2+ doped CLNB glass systems possess the amorphous nature. FTIR spectra of glasses are revealed about the functional groups existed and bonding linkages between them. Optical absorption and EPR spectra of the vanadyl ion doped CLNB glass systems are confirmed the site symmetry of the dopant ion as tetragonally compressed octahedral site symmetry. The evaluated molecular bonding coefficients values are confirming the bonding nature of dopant ion.
doi:10.55713/jmmm.v30i3.783 fatcat:tuj5bmpgevfplg6ffnhnbzbwce