Heteroaromatic Polyamides with Improved Thermal and Mechanical Properties

Miriam Trigo-López, Ana M. Sanjuán, Aranzazu Mendía, Asunción Muñoz, Félix C. García, José M. García
2020 Polymers  
We prepared high-performance aromatic copolyamides, containing bithiazole and thiazolo-thiazole groups in their main chain, from aromatic diamines and isophthaloyl chloride, to further improve the prominent thermal behavior and exceptional mechanical properties of commercial aramid fibers. The introduction of these groups leads to aramids with improved strength and moduli compared to commercial meta-oriented aromatic polyamides, together with an increase of their thermal performance. Moreover,
more » ... ormance. Moreover, their solubility, water uptake, and optical properties were evaluated in this work.
doi:10.3390/polym12081793 pmid:32785165 fatcat:kmauu2kiufcdpnsdbqvniqbwey