Tunable spin transport in CrAs: Role of correlation effects

L. Chioncel, M. I. Katsnelson, G. A. de Wijs, R. A. de Groot, A. I. Lichtenstein
2005 Physical Review B  
Correlation effects on the electronic structure of half-metallic CrAs in zinc-blende structure are studied for different substrate lattice constants. Depending on the substrate the spectral weight of the non-quasiparticle states might be tuned from a well developed value in the case of InAs substrate to an almost negligible contribution for the GaAs one. A piezoelectric material that would allow the change in the substrate lattice parameters opens the possibility for practical investigations of
more » ... the switchable (tunable) non-quasiparticle states. Since the latter are important for the tunneling magnetoresistance and related phenomena it creates new opportunities in spintronics.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.71.085111 fatcat:fmmi3su5avasfaep4ud6jtsh6q