Marián Polóni, Ján Lach, Andrej Chríbik
2015 Journal of KONES Powertrain and Transport  
The paper deals with research and development of original small-size internal combustion engine Lombardini LGW 702. This engine was optimised for application in micro-cogeneration unit (MCU), equipped with variable-speed generator and electronic converter. The electronically controlled combustion engine in MCU works in a regime depending on the load of the generator. It has the lowest possible number of revolutions and minimum possible fuel consumption. The generator combines directly with the
more » ... directly with the crankshaft of the engine. To reach stable parameters of the network, the power electronics controls and processes the variable frequency of the generator. A combustion engine powered by natural gas can utilise also a blend of natural gas and hydrogen and other alternative fuels produced from renewable sources of energy, e.g. synthesis gases. A comparison of engine parameters was made, namely parameters of engines powered by the above-mentioned alternative fuels, such as syngas, coke-oven gas, landfill gas, sewer gas, Hythane and natural gas. A new three-phase variable-speed generator and converter for micro-cogeneration unit were developed. The rated electric power of MCU is 4 kW. The power overload is 80%, compared to rated power. In the case of natural gas, the best electric efficiency is 25%, the thermal efficiency is 65% and the total efficiency of MCU is more than 90%.
doi:10.5604/12314005.1138243 fatcat:vesoqouqcvgpvfqtztkk4mokoe