Electrocardiographic Analysis of ST-Segment Duration and Morphology in Sheep and Goats: Effect of Species, Breed, Age and Sex

Amir Saeed SAMIMI, Javad TAJIK, Seyyed Morteza AGHAMIRI, Talieh TAHERI
2016 İstanbul Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi  
The importance of obtaining normal values of ST-segment for specific breeds of animals besides the high variability of indices in small ruminant has been emphasized. The animals were assigned into 4 groups (G 1-4 ), according to their age: G 1 <3 months, 3 months ≤G 2 < 1 year, 1 year≤G 3 <3 years, and G 4 ≥ 3 years old. There were 34 animals in each study group. The animals were assigned to two comprising groups: sheep, goat, male and female. Also, the animals were divided into three groups
more » ... nto three groups according to their breed, including: Kermani sheep, Saanen and Cashmere (Raini) goats. The present study showed that sex, age and breed had no effect on ST-segment in sheep and goats and the obtained data can provide a good basis for judging the ST-segment length and morphology in difference sexes, breeds and age groups of sheep and goats.
doi:10.16988/iuvfd.268525 fatcat:rsmukt3lfvenxnozjnrukww26e