Early methods for the surveillance and control of rabies in animals

J Blancou
1994 Rev Sci Tech Off Int Epizoot  
From the many existing documents on the history of rabies in animals, it is possible to describe with precision the practical measures adopted for the surveillance and control of rabies in animals from antiquity until the 18th century. Surveillance is based on clinical diagnosis, post-mortem examination, animal inoculation and knowledge of the conditions under which infection occurred: aetiology, pathogenesis, susceptible species, virulent material, mode of infection, incubation period, etc.
more » ... ion period, etc. The historical data are assembled and compared, with comments on each of these points. Control is based on the application of general disease control measures and attempts at vaccination and treatment. A study of these procedures enables a comparison of their efficacy and a description of the major steps which led to (or delayed) the work of Louis Pasteur.
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