The effectiveness of stress inoculation group training (SIT) on reducing job stress of employees of RAZAK pharmaceutical company in Tehran

S Makipour, A Shafiabadi, M Soudani
2011 Iran Occupational Health   unpublished
and aims: Despite the fact that work is the major part of human life and the source of satisfying the sense of idealism, innovation and the feeling of consent in the individual, it is one of the most important factors of creating stress in today's societies. One of the most efficient methods of interfering is stress inoculation group training (SIT). The aim of the present research was the investigation of the efficacy of the stress inoculation group training (SIT) on reducing career stress of
more » ... career stress of employees of Razak Co.'s employees. Methods: This study is an intermediary study and the research method is experimental of pretest and posttest type with control group. 46 of subjects whose score in career stress test was above the average score were selected as sample, and were replaced in simple random way in two groups of test and control. 8-session test group of 1.5 hours each received team immunity training against stress. Both groups were tested and evaluated three times at the same time (pretest, posttest and follow up). Results: After adjusting the posttest scores based on pretest scores, the results of one-way covariance pretest showed that stress inoculation group training (SIT) had a meaningful influence on reduction of career stress on employees. Also the results of multivariable covariance analysis (Mankoa) showed that this effect existed in every component of career stress, i.e. exceeding accountability, responsibility of others, very high working pressure, decision making that influences the others, and understanding of self as an individual not quite competent and qualified. In follow up studies after one month, the results showed that stress inoculation group training (SIT) has a stable influence on reduction of career stress and it components. Conclusion: On the base of the obtained findings from research and effectiveness from the stress inoculation group training (SIT) , it is recommended to apply this therapeutic approach in all industrial and organizational centers as an effective therapeutic approach to reduce career stress and increase organizational productivity.