A Robotic Automatic Assembly System Based on Vision

Rui Song, Fengming Li, Tianyu Fu, Jie Zhao
2020 Applied Sciences  
At present, the production lines of mobile phones are mainly manual and semi-automatic. Robots are the most important tools used to improve the intelligence level of industry production. The design of an intelligent robotic assembly system is presented in this paper, which takes the assembly of screen components and shell components as examples. There are major factors restricting the application of robots, such as the calibration of diversified objects, the moving workpiece with incomplete
more » ... with incomplete information, and diverse assembly types. A method was proposed to solve these technological difficulties. The multi-module calibration method is used to transform the pose relationship between the robot, the conveyor belt, and the two cameras in the robot assembly system. Aiming at a workpiece moving with incomplete information, the minimum matrix method is proposed to detect the position. Then dynamic fetching is realized based on pose estimation of the moving workpiece. At last, the template matching method is used to identify the assembly area of the workpiece type. The proposed method was verified on a real platform with a LINKHOU LR4-R5 60 robot. Results showed that the assembly success rate was above 98%, and the intelligent assembly system of the robot can realize the assembly of mobile phone screens and back shells without any staff.
doi:10.3390/app10031157 fatcat:255vr2qrzvhm3ejosfwtzul6y4