Artificial intelligence for object-oriented software engineering

Dennis de Champeaux, Hermann Kaindl, Joachim Laubsch, Albert Schappert
1994 Addendum to the proceedings on Object-oriented programming systems, languages, and applications (Addendum) - OOPSLA '94  
With the advent of computers, life has become a lot easier. The computer's ability to perform numerous tasks at a high speed has helped humans in many ways. Complex calculations that were previously done by hand, can now be done quickly using computers. Unlike humans, computers don't get tired. These machines can do monotonous mechanical computations reliably and efficiently. However, as computers cannot think, making a complex decision is certainly not possible for a computer. These machines
more » ... ce trouble in understanding complex real world problems. For instance, can a computer diagnose a disease based on the symptoms the person exhibits? This is why artificial intelligence steps in. It allows the computer to think like human. This paper discuss how software engineering is important to build an artificial indulgence. The requirement of software engineering in AI is for increased modularity, re-use ability and maintainability in the software which has accentuated interest in the object-oriented programming paradigm. In this regard, the approaches to AI, its procedure, and aspects in both dimension has been analyzed. In addition, the field of Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) needs special emphasis on object-oriented multi-agent systems and particularly manufacturing applications. An application of artificial intelligence technology to the implementation of a rapid prototyping method in object-oriented performance design (OOPD) for real-time systems is very important.
doi:10.1145/260028.260173 fatcat:bu2mjqbfgrh47jedqlxiagtsau