Study on low-energy resonances of 22 Ne (α,γ) 26 Mg using 22 Ne + 6 Li reaction

Shuya Ota
2013 Proceedings of XII International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos — PoS(NIC XII)   unpublished
While the reaction 22 Ne(α,n) 25 Mg in stellar He burning is considered the dominant neutron source for the s-process in massive stars, the competing 22 Ne(α,γ) 26 Mg reaction may be of considerable strength and significantly reduce the neutron production. The branching ratio of the two reactions and resonance parameters such as levels and strengths in 26 Mg produced by α + 22 Ne should be experimentally determined with better accuracy. In this work, we studied the feasibility of the 6 Li( 22
more » ... y of the 6 Li( 22 Ne, 26 Mg)d α-transfer reaction to investigate some low energy resonances within the Gamow window (E α = 400 ~ 1000 keV).
doi:10.22323/1.146.0221 fatcat:cj2fbgktvna5hgvxthihf2n3wa