Efficient Synthesis of Alkali Borohydrides from Mechanochemical Reduction of Borates Using Magnesium–Aluminum-Based Waste

Thi Thu Le, Claudio Pistidda, Julián Puszkiel, Chiara Milanese, Sebastiano Garroni, Thomas Emmler, Giovanni Capurso, Gökhan Gizer, Thomas Klassen, Martin Dornheim
2019 Metals  
Lithium borohydride (LiBH4) and sodium borohydride (NaBH4) were synthesized via mechanical milling of LiBO2, and NaBO2 with Mg–Al-based waste under controlled gaseous atmosphere conditions. Following this approach, the results herein presented indicate that LiBH4 and NaBH4 can be formed with a high conversion yield starting from the anhydrous borates under 70 bar H2. Interestingly, NaBH4 can also be obtained with a high conversion yield by milling NaBO2·4H2O and Mg–Al-based waste under an argon
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doi:10.3390/met9101061 fatcat:kngdko6kcvb7po3mfpp3b5a2k4