Andreia Azevedo Abrantes de Oliveira, Sabrina Da Silva Corrêa, Maria Odete Holanda Mariano, Saulo De Tarso Marques Bezerra, Isabela Carolina Lopes Coelho
2021 Revista AIDIS de Ingeniería y Ciencias Ambientales. Investigación, desarrollo y práctica  
The Urban Solid Waste Management (USWM) has become a complex issue due to the rapid socio-economic development of several countries and its consequent increase in waste production. The correct management of solid waste presupposes its reduction, as well as its correct final destination, the most conventional being the landfill. Given social, economic, environmental and technical criteria and restrictions for determining the ideal location for the implementation of a landfill, this work carried
more » ... this work carried out fitness assessments in areas of the city of Toritama-PE, Brazil. For that, the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) multicriteria method integrated with a Geographic Information System (GIS) was used to systematize the criteria. The results showed several areas with a high aptitude for landfill allocation in the municipality. Allied to this, the methodology can be easily applied in other municipalities, to obtain a preliminary study of favorable and unfavorable areas to the implantation of landfills. Thus, it can assist in the development of studies with the theme in question and the universalization of the National Solid Waste Policy in Brazil, reducing operating costs and impacts on the environment.
doi:10.22201/iingen.0718378xe.2021.14.1.71086 fatcat:65zrgorx2zgkjirx5japtf57wu