Progress in parallelizing XOOPIC

P.J. Mardahl, J.P. Verboncoeur
25th Anniversary, IEEE Conference Record - Abstracts. 1998 IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (Cat. No.98CH36221)  
XOOPIC [1] (Object Oriented Particle in Cell code for X11-based Unix computers) is presently a serial 2d 3v particle-in-cell plasma simulation. This effort focuses on using parallel and distributed processing to optimize the simulation for large problems. The benefits include increased capacity for memory intensive problems, and improved performance for processor-intensive problems. The MPI library enables the parallel version to be easily ported to massively parallel, SMP, and distributed
more » ... nd distributed computers. The philosophy employed here is to spatially decompose the system into computational regions separated by "virtual boundaries", objects which contain the local data and algorithms to perform the local field solve and particle communication between regions. This implementation reduces the impact of the parallel extension on the balance of the code. Specific implementation details such as the hiding of communication latency behind local computation will also be discussed, as well as code features and capabilities.
doi:10.1109/plasma.1998.677516 fatcat:ftkq3yrkmfexzpehmlgatcnqqq