Ontology-Based User Profiling for Personalized Acces to Information within Collaborative Learning System

Mohammed Amine Alimam, Yasyn Elyusufi, Hamid Seghiouer
2014 International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies  
The use of modern educational technology methods has become an important area of research in order to support learning as well as collaboration. This is especially evident with the rise of internet and web 2.0 platforms that have transformed users' role from mere content consumers to fully content consumers-producers. Furthermore, people engaged in collaborative learning capitalize on one another's resources and skills, unlike individual learning. This paper proceeds with a categorization of
more » ... main tools and functions that characterize the personalization learning aspect, in order to discuss their trade-offs with collaborative learning systems. It proposes a framework of a personalized information research (IR) within a collaborative learning system, incorporating the characterization of the research type carried by the query, as well as modeling and constructing semantic users' profiles. We use the context of the user query into a prediction mechanism of the search type, based on a previous identification of users' levels and interests. The paper is concluded by presenting experiment results, revealing that the use of the subject ontology extension approach satisfyingly contributes to improvement in the accuracy of system recommendations.
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