Algebraic Fault Attack on the SHA-256 Compression Function

Ronglin Hao, Bao Li, Bingke Ma, Ling Song
2014 International Journal of Research in Computer Science  
The cryptographic hash function SHA-256 is one member of the SHA-2 hash family, which was proposed in 2000 and was standardized by NIST in 2002 as a successor of SHA-1. Although the differential fault attack on SHA-1compression function has been proposed, it seems hard to be directly adapted to SHA-256. In this paper, an efficient algebraic fault attack on SHA-256 compression function is proposed under the word-oriented random fault model. During the attack, an automatic tool STP is exploited,
more » ... hich constructs binary expressions for the word-based operations in SHA-256 compression function and then invokes a SAT solver to solve the equations. The simulation of the new attack needs about 65 fault injections to recover the chaining value and the input message block with about 200 seconds on average. Moreover, based on the attack on SHA-256 compression function, an almost universal forgery attack on HMAC-SHA-256 is presented. Our algebraic fault analysis is generic, automatic and can be applied to other ARX-based primitives.
doi:10.7815/ijorcs.42.2014.079 fatcat:iduwq7nv65h3pbfpmmxgfr23ju