Generation of tunable coherent far-infrared radiation using atomic Rydberg states [report]

W. Bookless
1980 unpublished
A source of tunable far-infrared radiation has been constructed. The system has been operated at 91.6 cm" with a demonstrated tunability of .63 cm" . The system is based on a Rydberg state transition in optically pumped potassium vapor. The transition energy is tuned by the application of an electric field to the excited vapor. The transition wavelength and the shifted wavelength were detected and measured by the use of a Michel son interferometer am! a liquid helium cooled Ga:Ge bolometer and
more » ... a:Ge bolometer and the data was reduced using Fast Fourier transform techniques. Extensive spectroscopy was done on the potassium vapor to eluci date the depopulation paths and rates of the excited levels. Both theoretical and experimental results are presented to support the conclusions of the research effort. Additionally, possible alternative approaches to the population of the excited state are explored and recommendations are made for the future development, of this source as well as the potential uses of it in molecular spectroscopy. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS u I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone in the Chemistry Department at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for making my rasearch there both very rewarding and pleasant. In particular, I would like to thank Dr. L. Hrubesh and Dr. C. G. Stevens for their complete support and guidance throughout the course of the work and D. Johnson and L. L. Steinmetz for their help in many facets of the planning and building of the apparatus. I would also like to thank Helen Meredith for her excellent work and patience in typing the manu script. Special thanks is Jue to Dr. E. A. Rinehart for his guidance and for his effort in making my stay at Livermore possible. I would like to express my appreciation to the Associated Western Universities, Inc. for their financial support throughout my research. I wish to express special gratitude to my wife, Stacy, for her complete support during my graduate career. Her encouragement has been greatly appreciated. VI Fourier transform spectrum of the output of the heat pipe using the 6a:Ge bolometer, a) total spectrum, b) expanded view of (a) 121,122 High resolution scan of the heat pipe output using the golay cell 124 High resolution scan of the "pancake" heat pipe output with no field using the bolometer 126 Output of the "pancake" heat pipe with the field on (~2000 V/cm) and off, a) from 0-100 cm -1 , b) from 88-100 cm" 1 128-129
doi:10.2172/6789221 fatcat:3nl4f7zlxfeephfco3jpxdwf34