Ursolic Acid Improves the Podocytes Injury Caused by High Glucose

Li Xu, Qiuling Fan
2015 Hong Kong Journal of Nephrology  
Ojectives: To explore the effect of STAT3 pathway on the autophagy of human glomerular mesangial cells (HGMC) and expression of extracellular matrix Collagen IV cultured in high glucose. Methods: HGMC were cultured in normal (5 mmol/L) or high glucose (30 mmol/l) for 12e72 hours, and then S3I-201 (an inhibitor of STAT3 activity) or STAT3-siRNA transfection were added into HGMC. STAT3, p-STAT3 and autophagy marker proteins LC3 and p62 protein expression was evaluated by western blot,
more » ... es was detected by electron microscopic and the expression of collagen IV was detected by ELISA in each group. Results: High glucose significantly reduced the generation of autophagosome and altered expression of LC3 and p62 at 24 h (LC3 II/LC3I and LC3II decreased, p62 increased obviously), consistently high glucose exposure significantly increased protein levels of STAT3, p-STAT3 and collagen IV. These changes were reversed by S3I -201 or STAT3-siRNA transfection. Conclusion: High glucose can inhibit autophagy activity of human glomerular mesangial cells and induce up-regulation expression of Collagen-IV. Inhibition of STAT3 pathway can reduce the inhibition of autophagy activity and synthesis of collagen IV by high glucose. http://dx.
doi:10.1016/j.hkjn.2015.08.051 fatcat:fk4p3yqjabcdhf45fp32ucpsai