On the Extraction of Foreign Bodies from the Female Bladder

P. H. Watson
1868 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
cs_ as as been already observed, coexists. It is doubtless difficult to fi6 this coas6tutional cause. But there is one error which I have remaedt eonstant in sinmilar cases; it is the excess of uric acid present in t eurine. I will not venture to speculate or theorise on this fact; I may allude to it hereafter. But you may be reminded that the squamous or scaly eruptions of the skin are always accompanied by this exceu of uric acid. Psoriasis and lepra are frequently associated with lithiaSis
more » ... ed with lithiaSis or gravel. The caw under observation illustrates the plan of treatment most suit. abl for these cases of acute eczema. Cooling laxatives, effervescing Sal, a simple non-stimulating diet, rest for a few days in bed, and th. application of some soothing substance to allay the distressing irritation of the inflamed and excoriated skin, are the reme(dies needed. There are no specifics for this form of eczema. Arsenic is useless; it is usefuL in the chronic form. Alkalies are useful; but they should be gvn in a palatable form; and the carbonate of potash as an effervicent, with citric acid, may be given with advantage. The oxide of zla and glycerine, slightly diluted and made of the consistency of cruai, and painted over the inflamed skin with a feather or brush, convers speedy relief. A warm or tepid, not a hot bath, should be given on. altemate days. To remove the concreted mass from the scalp, linsedmeal poultices, made with a small addition of liquor potassm to the water, and kept in contact with the scalp night and day, changinig the poultice every six or eight hours, effects this purpose; or waterdrssing, with a sufficient quantity of liquor potass.e to the water to lhelp its.solvent action on the crust, may be substituted. Dunng the progress of the convalescence, tonics may be desirable. IS patent was ordered quinine and iron. He took Donovan's solhtios 1fr a few days; but he needed the tonic more, and the arsenic was. dijanatinued. About the seventh week of his stay in the hospital, every pat of the body the seat of the severe eruption, except the scalp, had reUnecI to perfectly clean and healthy appearance; so much so, that thssewko had seen the man on admission might with difficulty imagine thatsuch fair clean skin could have been so recently disfigured. The scalp however, was an exception to this complete restoration: here, evaL. t& the margin of the hair, was a branny state of the cuticle, a wlth scurfy peeling of the epidermis, implicating the root of the haiiab and requiring stimulating applications for its removal. Lotions of tXe nitrate of silver, of ten grains to the ounce, were found sufficient; so that before he left the hospital, the tenth week from admission, this portion of the skin, also presented the same favourable appearance as that i the trunk and extremities.
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