Analytic solutions of the diffusion-deposition equation for fluids heavier than atmospheric air

F. P. Barrera, T. Brugarino, V. Piazza, L. Pignato
2008 Air Pollution XVI   unpublished
A steady-state bi-dimensional turbulent diffusion equation was studied to find the concentration distribution of a pollutant near the ground. We have considered the air pollutant emitted from an elevated point source in the lower atmosphere in adiabatic conditions. The wind velocity and diffusion coefficient are given by power laws. We have found analytical solutions using or the Lie Group Analysis or the Method of Separation of Variables. The classical diffusion equation has been modified
more » ... been modified introducing the falling term with non-zero deposition velocity. Analytical solutions are essential to test numerical models for the great difficulty in validating with experiments.
doi:10.2495/air080021 fatcat:ombyvzcd5fde3nc6t42srd6uye