Optimal Emergency Evacuation Route Planning Model Based on Fire Prediction Data

Kunxiang Deng, Qingyong Zhang, Hang Zhang, Peng Xiao, Jiahua Chen
2022 Mathematics  
For the emergency evacuation of cruise ships in case of sudden fire, this research proposes a dynamic route optimization method based on the improved A* algorithm for real-time information, in order to obtain the real-time optimal evacuation route. Initially, a basic network topology diagram is established according to the internal structure of the cruise ship. Before the occurrence of the accident, the A* algorithm can be applied to obtain an a priori evacuation network consisting of all the
more » ... timal routes from each node to the exit. At the time of the accident, the dynamic diffusion of fire can be simulated using Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) based on the preliminary information of the fire, so as to estimate the impact of the fire domain on each node of the network. Then, according to the fire dynamic diffusion data, the evacuation route planning is carried out by the improved A* algorithm applying the breadth-first search strategy, so as to determine the optimal route from the current node to the safety exit and to reduce the possibility of casualties due to the uncertainty of the fire during the evacuation. This model allows for both people's safety and evacuation time to dynamically avoid fire-affected nodes and helps people to reach the safe area as soon as possible. Finally, the evacuation model is established according to the open-source cruise ship structure, and the evacuation process of people under the dynamic spread of cruise ship fire is simulated. The results show that the route planning method proposed in this research works out well in evacuating mass people, which can effectively reduce the evacuation time and improve the safety of the evacuation process.
doi:10.3390/math10173146 fatcat:jxrs2n3ozbhy7orcr3e64hlgge