Using Factor Decomposition Machine Learning Method to Music Recommendation

Dapeng Sun, Zhihan Lv
2021 Complexity  
The user data mining was introduced into the model construction process, and the user behavior was decomposed by analyzing various influencing factors through the factorization machine (FM) learning method. In the recommendation screening stage, the collaborative filtering recommendation is combined to screen the recommendation candidate set. The idea of user-based collaborative filtering (CF) is used for reference to obtain music works favored by similar users. On the other hand, we learn from
more » ... item-based CF, which ensures that the candidate set covers user preference. Firstly, the user's interest value is predicted by using dynamic interest model. Then, the common problems such as cold start and hot items processing are fully considered. The frequent pattern growth algorithm is compared with the association rule algorithm based on the collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm and the content-based recommendation algorithm, which proves the superiority of the algorithm and its role in solving the recommendation problem after applying the recommendation. The music data in the database data conversion effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of mining. According to the implementation of the algorithm described in this article, the accuracy of the music recommendation results used to recommend user satisfaction is proved. And the recommended music is indeed feasible and practical.
doi:10.1155/2021/9913727 fatcat:6diknz2k5famlgaigurtcam2tu