Vasoregression: A Shared Vascular Pathology Underlying Macrovascular And Microvascular Pathologies?

Akanksha Gupta, Sonika Bhatnagar
2015 Omics  
Vasoregression is a common phenomenon underlying physiological vessel development as well as pathological microvascular diseases leading to peripheral neuropathy, nephropathy, and vascular oculopathies. In this review, we describe the hallmarks and pathways of vasoregression. We argue here that there is a parallel between characteristic features of vasoregression in the ocular microvessels and atherosclerosis in the larger vessels. Shared molecular pathways and molecular effectors in the two
more » ... ditions are outlined, thus highlighting the possible systemic causes of local vascular diseases. Our review gives us a system-wide insight into factors leading to multiple synchronous vascular diseases. Because shared molecular pathways might usefully address the diagnostic and therapeutic needs of multiple common complex diseases, the literature analysis presented here is of broad interest to readership in integrative biology, rational drug development and systems medicine.
doi:10.1089/omi.2015.0128 pmid:26669709 pmcid:PMC4684001 fatcat:rraemqs2ozhg3c2q2mdjlgbciu