Defensive facilitation through serving in high level female volleyball

A. Ureña, J. A. Santos, M. Martínez, R. Calvo, A. Oña
2010 European journal of human movement  
This study provides solutions for the trajectories election of the serve in female volleyball of high level. This element endows women performance with peculiarity in this sport, and, therefore it's one key in the evolution of the game. As a sample to the survey, they took the players of the Olympic Games of Atlanta in 1996, the last internationall volleyball competition of the highest importance. They were twelve female national teams, confronted in 42 matches, and distributed in 146 sets. 28
more » ... ets of female competition were used, they were singled out from 13 matches of which 1824 cases of serve change were recorded. The variables kept in mind are those that represent values related to the performance of the team that receives the serve, and those that describe the trajectories selected by the servers. KEY WORDS: Female volleyball, service, high performance, technique.
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