Research Considering Embryonic Development of Pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) under Artificial-Controlled Spawning Conditions

Daniel Oprea, Nino Marica, Mioara Costache
The experiments made in order to study the embryonic development of pikeperch were take place at the Fish Culture Research and Development Station Nucet, within 02.04-17.04.2012. For artificial-controlled spawning of pikeperch were used 4 years old breeders reared in ponds, at Nucet Station in policulture with older cyprinids. The experiment was accomplished in two experimental variants, wherein the fertilized eggs have been hatched at two different intervals of temperatures. The technological
more » ... The technological parameters of incubation were as follow, variant V 1 : fertilized rate 92%, embryo rate 76% and hatching rate 65%; variant V 2 : fertilized rate 93%, embryo rate 82% and hatching rate 71%. The Nucet type incubators seem to offer good conditions for embryonic development of pikeperch.