G250(P) A retrospective study examining the effectiveness of different dexamethasone doses in children presenting to emergency departments in the northwest

CE King, CW Wong
2020 Abstracts   unpublished
Currently the hospital website displays live wait times for the adult ED but not for paediatric ED (PED). Seeing as the PED works as a separate entity to adult ED, it beckons the question, 'Is there a need for live PED wait times to be displayed to the public?' with the aim to introduce a service improvement to provide the information if required. Methods This audit comprised of a mixed methods analysis. The audit recruited accompanying adults of child attendees at the hospital's PED. A
more » ... naire discussed the use of any other healthcare services and any existing knowledge of current wait times. Analysis included descriptive statistics and cross tabulation with c2 test of independence. Results Sixty participants completed the questionnaire. 53.2% had not used any other healthcare service before arrival.
doi:10.1136/archdischild-2020-rcpch.216 fatcat:m3hw2ik33zggtlwqldxt43vxeq