Another Explanation About the Transistor as an Amplifier

2019 Advances in Physics Theories and Applications  
We reached to an explanation for the small voltage turning out to be large one in the transistor. Our explanation is based on the repelling energy among electrons bearing the same negative charge when two currents of them n and n meet coming from the shared half between two circuits one reverse to the other forming the transistor, this shared half between the two circuits is known as the base, in n-p-n or in the other direction in the transistor as p-n-p. p and n are nothing but the negative
more » ... but the negative and positive poles in one circuit, whit two circuits one is reverse to the other in direction, then no escape from the repelling meeting between two groups of electrons bearing the same negative charge. The number of the electrons has nothing to do with the small voltage turns out to be large one in the transistor, again only the meeting between two currents bearing the same negative charges where each current repel the other current strongly in the two shared circuits forming the transistor.
doi:10.7176/apta/78-04 fatcat:h3n5lng2bjgj3kvlsevzvzlw7y