Spherically Symmetric Exact Vacuum Solutions in Einstein-Aether Theory

Jacob Oost, Shinji Mukohyama, Anzhong Wang
2021 Universe  
We study spherically symmetric spacetimes in Einstein-aether theory in three different coordinate systems, the isotropic, Painlevè-Gullstrand, and Schwarzschild coordinates, in which the aether is always comoving, and present both time-dependent and time-independent exact vacuum solutions. In particular, in the isotropic coordinates we find a class of exact static solutions characterized by a single parameter c14 in closed forms, which satisfies all the current observational constraints of the
more » ... heory, and reduces to the Schwarzschild vacuum black hole solution in the decoupling limit (c14=0). However, as long as c14≠0, a marginally trapped throat with a finite non-zero radius always exists, and on one side of it the spacetime is asymptotically flat, while on the other side the spacetime becomes singular within a finite proper distance from the throat, although the geometric area is infinitely large at the singularity. Moreover, the singularity is a strong and spacetime curvature singularity, at which both of the Ricci and Kretschmann scalars become infinitely large.
doi:10.3390/universe7080272 fatcat:c6spmz3w5rhlzefu4kdhtegkjq