Marokkó útja a függetlenségtől a francia protektorátusig : 1840-1912

Mónika Krajcsovszki
2013 Belvedere Meridionale  
Th e present-day territory of Morocco was inhabited already from the Bronze Age; later Phoenician and Roman settlements were established here. Th e Muslim era began in 681 A.D. when Uqbaibn Nafi 's conquest reached the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Th e favourite daughter of the Prophet, Fatima travelled to North Africa and her son, Idris I founded a new dynasty which was the starting point in the history of the State of Morocco. Later, in the second part of the 19 th century European powers
more » ... ury European powers (France, England, Spain, and Italy) infl uenced the country, but the most important of its trade partners was England. In 1911 France took over the country aft er an agreement in which France relinquished some of its territories in Congo to Germany in exchange for Morocco. One year later the Treaty of Fez deprived Morocco of its independence and territorial unity, as it divided the country into three diff erent parts controlled by different nations (a French, a Spanish and an international zone), but the French authority was predominant. Th e present study gives a detailed analysis of the protectorate's institutions, the principal offi ces and the international relations of Morocco, especially with France.
doi:10.14232/belv.2013.1.3 fatcat:3dzqhlefmrdbhlltawuij2cq4m