A theoretical model of scanning tunneling microscopy: Application to the graphite (0001) and Au(111) surfaces

Hui Ou‐Yang, Bruno Källebring, R. A. Marcus
1993 Journal of Chemical Physics  
An expression for the scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) current between the tip and sample is presented using first-order perturbation theory for a two-Hamiltonian formalism ("reactants" and "products"). The calculated STM current depends on the square of the sample-tip matrix elements, averaged over a selection of random points in wave vector space. In the limit of low voltage and temperature, this averaging is over the Fermi surface of the sample. The model is applied to the graphite (0001)
more » ... the graphite (0001) and Au ( 111) surfaces using a simple model (chain) of a tungsten tip and the tight-binding approximation. Comparisons with experiments and with the result for graphite obtained by Tersoff and Lang using a molybdenum tip are given. The theory is applied elsewhere to STM of adsorbates.
doi:10.1063/1.464696 fatcat:j57lacs5jrarbfzysj44kgchqe