Effects of dibutyryl cyclic AMP on oocyte maturation and ovulation in the perfused rabbit ovary

Y. Hosoi, Y. Yoshimura, S. J. Atlas, T. Adachi, E. E. Wallach
1989 Reproduction  
The involvement of cyclic AMP (cAMP) in mammalian oocyte maturation was assessed using cultures of rabbit cumulus\p=n-\oocytecomplexes and in-vitro perfused rabbit ovaries. Rabbit cumulus\p=n-\oocyte complexes were cultured in Brackett's medium with or without dibutyryl cyclic AMP ((Bu)2cAMP) at 10\m=-\3, 10\m=-\4 or 10\m=-\5M for 4\p=n-\12 h. At 4 h spontaneous meiotic maturation was significantly inhibited by (Bu)2cAMP (P < 0\m=.\025). With prolonged incubation, spontaneous maturation
more » ... maturation progressed despite exposure to (Bu)2cAMP. When ovaries were continuously perfused in vitro for 12h with (Bu)2cAMP (10\m=-\3m) or medium alone, (Bu)2cAMP stimulated ovarian progesterone production, but did not affect ovulation or maturation of follicular oocytes. When ovaries were perfused in vitro with or without (Bu)2cAMP (10\m=-\3, 10\m=-\4 or 10\m=-\5 m) for the first 2 h and then transferred to medium without (Bu)2cAMP for an additional 10 h, ovulation did not occur, but transient exposure to (Bu)2cAMP stimulated a dose-related increase in maturation of follicular oocytes. Degeneration of follicle-enclosed oocytes and cumulus\p=n-\oocyte complexes was not affected by exposure to (Bu)2cAMP. These results suggest that transient, but not continuous, elevation of cAMP after the gonadotrophin surge may be required for the initiation of oocyte maturation.
doi:10.1530/jrf.0.0850405 pmid:2539470 fatcat:nwevvw4xtna2tgmjnid6eucrma