Development of a Hybrid Agile Management Model in Local Self-Government Units

2020 Tehnički Vjesnik  
Local self-government units (LSGUs) often view project management as an accompanying activity not really giving it the appropriate level of importance. Challenges of traditional project management where the projects are segmented into discrete paths each dependent on the completion of the previous phase but without feedback or iteration can be overwhelming in a rigid governmental organizational structures. Such could be avoided by changing the way the projects are managed and/or changing the
more » ... /or changing the organizational structure. In both cases agile approach can be helpful. However, a priori implementation can cause more damage than good. It is the thinking behind the Agile principles that would adapt to the needs and particularities of the work environment it is implemented in, especially in light of the variety of activities of government bodies. The proposed model, Hybrid Agile Model, aims at defining a new, flexible, management structure for local self-government units, based on the development of human resources and constant change of culture, never neglecting the regular activities of such bodies, and all while making them more reliable and effective. The model has been described in detail along with the implementation process that has been tested on LSGU City of Poreč.
doi:10.17559/tv-20190205140719 fatcat:dy4zu2fcafgalhccn6worgbo2u