An Analysis towards the Development of Electronic Bilingual Dictionary (Manipuri-English)-A Report

Sagolsem Meitei, Shantikumar Ningombam, Syam Bipul, Purkayastha
Meaningful sentences are composed of meaningful words; any system that hopes to process natural languages as people do must have information about words, their meaning and relative words in another language. This information is traditionally provided through electronic dictionaries. But these dictionary entries evolved for the convenience of human readers, not for machines. So, machine readable electronic dictionary becomes the central resources for Natural Language applications. Dictionaries
more » ... ons. Dictionaries and other lexical resources are not yet widely available in electronic form for Manipuri language. And there is no machine readable dictionary that can provide both of lexical resources and conceptual information. This paper describes the ongoing development of an Electronic Manipuri Bilingual dictionary. This implementation will provide a more effective combination of traditional English-Manipuri bilingual lexicographic information and their conceptual information INTRODUCTION Dictionary is a book in which words are listed alphabetically with their meanings, either in the same language or in another language, and other information about them. Modern dictionaries usually provide phonetic transcriptions, hyphenation, synonyms, derived forms, and etymology. However, a dictionary of a living language can never be complete; old words fall into disuse, new words are constantly created and those surviving frequently change their meanings. A dictionary can also be a book, which gives information about a particular subject, in which the entries are given in alphabetical order. Example are, biographical dictionary, pronunciation dictionary, dictionary of local dialect, dictionary of proverb, dictionary of terminology, dictionary of history, dictionary of quotations, legal dictionary and computer dictionary etc. Electronic dictionaries are also programs that can be downloaded from the Internet or purchased on a CD-ROM or DVD and installed on a desktop computer or on a lap top, such as an Apple Macintosh or a Windows PC. Other electronic dictionaries can be searched and consulted online on the Internet. The computer-installed dictionaries can often be consulted directly from within any application that uses editable text. Some electronic dictionaries contain only corpora for a single language (monolingual), but others are bilingual dictionaries and translation dictionaries and may also include, medical or legal dictionaries, thesauri,