2020 Gaziosmanpasa Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Arastirmalari Dergisi  
Travelogue is a genre of writing in literature and it is closely releated to many field such as history, geography and sociology. Although written from the perpective of the author travelogues shed light on the period in which they are written and also contribute greatly to the learning historical events. After a short time that travelogue emerged as a literary genre in Urdu literature travelogues on Turkey and Turks have been writtten repeatedly. Especially when the first period travelogues
more » ... tten on Turkey have been examined lots of information from the the social structure of Ottoman to its political situation are avalaible. Social, cultural and political relations with Indo Pak Subcontinent from the past to the present have reflected to this genre of literature and as a result of this a rich literature on Turkey has been formed. In this article especially first Urdu travelogues written on Turkey will be examined and the bibliography of traveleogues of Turkey from the begining the present will be given.
doi:10.48145/gopsbad.802256 fatcat:aof6kcbocvbernww5m6ypdi5qq