News from Foreign Research Institutes

1974 African Studies Newsletter  
Family-planning management, $110,000 Foundation-managed project over eighteen months, for continued support of activities to improve the management of family-planning programs in developing countries, particularly through the International Committee on the Management of Population Programs. Funds will be used for consultants, studies, meetings, publications, and individual awards. Haile Selassie I University (Ethiopia), $495,000 two-year supplement, for work on rural development, including
more » ... rch, publications, fellowships, consultants, a new library, and a president's discretionary fund. International Council for Educational Development, $400,000 one-year supplement, for studies and assistance on educational strategies for developing countries and on the planning and management of higher education systems in developed countries: • $85,000 over eighteen months, for a study of how universities in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America might better assist the development of their countries; • $25,000 over one year, for a seminar this summer at the Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies for U.S. and foreign scholars on the changing relationship of the university to society in developed and developing countires. University of Khartoum (Sudan), $278,000 over three years, for research and training in the faculties of agriculture, economics, and social studies, and the Institute of African and Asian Studies. University of London, $60,000 over two years, for a survey of library resources in Great Britain for the study of the British commonwealth and the former colonies. These resources, now scattered among many institutions, are in danger of being lost for lack of funding and maintanence. Makerere University (Uganda), $300,000 over two years, for training fellowships for advanced-degree students in agriculture, and a visiting professor in rural economy. University of Michigan, $187,000 six-year supplement, for the training for foreign statisticians in sampling techniques used to obtain data on land tenure problems, population estimates, and surveys of business. The Third Press, $75,000 supplementary loan, to help develop a new sales approach and explore long-term financing. The Third Press/Joseph Okpaku Publishing Company is the largest minority-owned trade book publisher in the United States.
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