Effect of process parameters on slowly digestible and resistant starch content in extrudates

P. Smrčková, M. Saglamtas, T. Hofmanová, J. Koláček, D. Chena, E. Šárka
2014 Czech Journal of Food Sciences  
A laboratory single-screw Kompaktextruder KE 19/25 was used at speeds 120–140 rpm of the screw with either a 2 : 1 or 3 : 1 compression ratio; the head had a 3 or 4 mm die. The temperature of the head was set at 131–144°C. The applied raw materials were maize grits, and mixtures with wheat starch, pea flour or chemically modified starch. Input mixtures differed in water addition (50 or 100 g water/kg). The highest amount of resistant starch (3.1% per total starch) in extrudate
more » ... rch) in extrudate was found for mixture of pea flour and maize grits (with addition of 100 g water/kg of dry mixture), the output(extrudate)/input(mixture) ratio of the resistant starch was 45.8%. The highest SDS content was obtained for the maize grits and addition of 100 g water/kg using a die with a 3 mm diameter and a screw with a 3 : 1 compression ratio; the temperature of the head was approximately 140°C. Transportation rates: screw 140 rpm, dosing 15 rpm.  
doi:10.17221/162/2014-cjfs fatcat:cdywul2uwvgmzmqwxtqrprux3m