Electrically TunablegFactors in Quantum Dot Molecular Spin States

M. F. Doty, M. Scheibner, I. V. Ponomarev, E. A. Stinaff, A. S. Bracker, V. L. Korenev, T. L. Reinecke, D. Gammon
2006 Physical Review Letters  
We present a magneto-photoluminescence study of individual vertically stacked InAs/GaAs quantum dot pairs separated by thin tunnel barriers. As an applied electric field tunes the relative energies of the two dots, we observe a strong resonant increase or decrease in the g-factors of different spin states that have molecular wavefunctions distributed over both quantum dots. We propose a phenomenological model for the change in g-factor based on resonant changes in the amplitude of the
more » ... de of the wavefunction in the barrier due to the formation of bonding and antibonding orbitals.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.97.197202 pmid:17155656 fatcat:4qjewaoferh3ffebirbuqovc4q