The Efficient Strategy of Passive Cooling Design in Desert Housing: A Case Study in Ghadames, Libya

Ali Eltrapolsi
Ghadames is classified as one of the World's Heritage City. It combines two parts: conventional urban (vernacular) and modern urban. Unluckily, in the new development, a sustainable issue which was enhanced in the conventional part is not adopted at all in the new urban design, so that it is reflected on the residential building design where this is not integrated with the prevailing climate in the region. In this context, the study aims to understand the passive design strategies of domestic
more » ... egies of domestic vernacular buildings in hot dry climate and to apply design techniques which can utilize the favourable elements and at the same time can minimize the unfavourable elements of the local climate on a modern building. This study attempts to evaluate and propose the application of design solutions of passive cooling techniques for improving the indoor thermal environment conditions. However, this study is considering thermal performance of building envelope in naturally ventilated buildings and how to reduce energy loads in hot arid zone of Libya and Ghadames City, in particular in terms of using passive cooling techniques which have the most profound effect on a building's indoor environment.