Femtosecond optical frequency comb's temporal coherence characteristic-based high-accuracy distance measurement

Dong Wei, Satoru Takahashi, Kiyoshi Takamasu, Hirokazu Matsumoto
2010 2010 Photonics Global Conference  
In July 2009, the national standard tool for measuring length in Japan changed from an iodine-stabilized helium-neon (He-Ne) laser to a femtosecond optical frequency comb (FOFC). Owing to the outstanding frequency stability of the FOFC, in the near-future General Conference of Weights and Measures (Conférence générale des poids et measures: CGPM), the FOFC is expected as a new standard tool for the International System of Units (SI) of the meter. Because the traceability of the meter is the
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doi:10.1109/pgc.2010.5705953 fatcat:udhh3erjandpddhb7dvyttyir4