Time Management and its Impact among Medical Laboratory Science Students' Academic Performance and Engagement

Michelle T. Mabasa
2015 Asian Journal of Health  
Various researches have shown student engagement and academic performance as important predictors to educational success. This paper focused on determining the impact of time management factor on academic performance and engagement. Using frequency, chi-square, correlation and regression analysis, the relationship and effect of time management to student engagement and academic performance were examined among 102 regular junior Medical Laboratory Science students of Liceo de Cagayan University
more » ... Cagayan University for the first semester of school year 2014-2015. The results revealed that in terms of time management, only a little more than half of the student-respondents feel they are in-charge of their time and sixty percent have good planning skills whether short-range or long-range planning. The results further revealed that student engagement, not academic performance, figured out prominently as the variable that bear on time management of the students. These findings support the need for review of procedures and structures of the College or the University in motivating students towards behavioral, cognitive and social engagement.
doi:10.7828/ajoh.v5i1.779 fatcat:g4gqckwvhvbq3e4rkekp44rpxu