Studies of Rock Bed Solar Thermal Storage System for Space Heating Applications

Abhishek Kumar
We know that demand of energy storage system is increasing day by day. This experiment deals with the storage of thermal energy with rock bed storage system. Radiator and rock bed storage system both act as heat exchanger in this experiment.100 watt of rock bed storage system is taken and its heat power lies between110 watt 125 watt. Tullu pump, radiator, fan all are used in discharging of heat energy with rock bed storage system. In this experiment energy is stored in day and provides back
more » ... gy and is used in night. This experiment also describes how to store heat energy by the help of rock bed storage system and calculate heat power of rock bed in both case with fan and without fan. There are two working cycle used in this experiment 1 st cycle deals with charging process and 2 nd cycle deals with discharging process. Now a days this experiment is applied as space heating application. Rock bed storage system, solar water heater using in1st step and 2 nd step radiator, Tullu pump, fan, solar panel all are deals with rock bed storage system during discharging process. The main purpose of this experiment is to provide backup energy storage system at night with rock bed storage system.
doi:10.18535/ijetst/v3i11.07 fatcat:m7wsg3hrtrc6ldjanjenrwy6ca