Design of ESR Slag for Remelting 9CrMoCoB Steel under Simple Protective Ar Gas

Peng, Jiang, Geng
2019 Metals  
Thermodynamic calculations by using Factsage 7.3 and simple protective gas electroslag remelting (ESR) experiments were conducted to design the appropriate ESR slag for remelting the qualified 9CrMoCoB ingot. First, the proper basic slag was determined based on the phase diagram of CaF2–CaO–Al2O3–x%MgO calculated using Factsage 7.3. Second, equilibrium reactions between 9CrMoCoB and the basic slag containing varied SiO2, and B2O3 contents were calculated to study the effects of B2O3 and SiO2 on
more » ... of B2O3 and SiO2 on B, Si, and Al contents in steel. Then, equilibrium reaction experiments were conducted to validate the calculated results. Finally, the appropriate slags were attained and the simple protective Ar gas ESR experiments were conducted to make a verification. Results showed that the liquid phase region of the slag of CaF2–CaO–Al2O3–x%MgO at 1300–1400 °C increased first, then decreased with the MgO addition. With the B2O3 content increasing, the boron content increased, while the Si, Al contents decreased, and at a given B2O3 addition, the B and Al contents decreased with the SiO2 content increasing, whereas the Si content increased. The appropriate slags for simple protective gas ESR remelting 9CrMoCoB were 55%CaF2–20%CaO–3%MgO–22%Al2O3–2%SiO2–1.3%B2O3 and 55%CaF2–20%CaO–3%MgO–22%Al2O3–3%SiO2–1.7%B2O3.
doi:10.3390/met9121300 fatcat:e3pkso5cqfa7vlqdxm6etjwz7i